HashBrown CMS

A free and open-source headless CMS built with Node.js and MongoDB

Multiple projects and environments are a fundamental part of HashBrown’s structure, so you only need one CMS for all of your website needs.


We have a few guides on using HashBrown CMS here

Running and installing


The easiest way to get up and running is to use the HashBrown CMS Docker images. An example setup can be found here.

The latest and develop images will automatically update themselves every time they’re restarted.


First make sure you have these dependencies met:

Then clone the code and install the dependencies:

git clone https://github.com/HashBrownCMS/hashbrown-cms.git
cd ./hashbrown-cms
npm install


Building and starting the server for production:

npm start

Building/watching frontend files:

npm run build:frontend
npm run watch:frontend

Using Docker:

npm run start:docker
npm run restart:docker
npm run watch:docker
npm run stop:docker
npm run db:docker

Using nodemon:

npm run watch:nodemon


To update the core HashBrown version and all of its dependencies:

npm run update

Or manually:

cd /to/your/hashbrown/dir
git pull
npm install

Remember to stop and restart the server afterwards.


If you’d like to contribute to HashBrown development, you can make a pull request to our repo or contact us about becoming a collaborator

Report issues

If you have questions, bug reports or anything else of the sort, please use the issue tracker